Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Adverb poem



Sadly soldiers sacred in the dark night,
Sadly getting killed in the light.

Sadly men in the war might die,
Sadly soldiers risk their lives.

Sadly men might not see their moms,
Sadly they might not see their sons.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How to get to my cousin house from my home

How to get to my cousins house.  

1:To get to my cousin house from all the way to my house you will need to go up the hill.

2:When you get up you past my mail box and then walk and go in between the gate.

3:This gate will be long so when you have past the gate you will see cones on the road at Tripoli Rd.

4:Then when you get their you past three housess talking a left where the other cones are.

5:Then you past the road.

6:After that 54 steps.

7:Turn around and walk straight.

8:When you see the third crossing road move to the other third one.

9:Then move straight until you reach to the other crossing 

10:When you have made it cross the crossing.

11:Now walk straight

12:After that  turn around.

13:Then walk to the first house

14:When you see the mail box that say number 15 you have made it.

 You have finally made it to
my cousin  house
called Tyron.


Follow up on IRON TAMARIKI

                                                IRON TAMARIKI

The iron tamariki is a sports game of swimming and ruining that is in
this book I am reading.This is about a kid doing his running in the first page.
We can see that this boy is tired of running around and around.The man who
is wearing the yellow and black t-shirt is the boys dad.He says when I was 
your age I was like you kid.The boy did not even Believe him.The kid asked his dad how far do you think I can run.The dad did not say a thing.He said do you know Richie McCaw.The kid said yup.The all blacks captain.He is the best.The dad said.He give him a book about him.The kid had readied it.After
all of what happened the kid went swimming for a long time.His mum came came and saw him lose some waste.The kid asked his mum if she was coming .She was not sure if she was or not.He said he was going to do it at napier in December.It was time for the race and the kid was looking at how far he was going to be in the water.He feel so cold because of the water.3 2 1 time to go to the sea.
He was so cold he was go to get used to it.Some people was in fort of him.He did not even care.
It was a few mins and he looked at the back of him
he was wining.He was the first one to get to the beach.
He saw his mum
and he said you came mum.She said go go go the people are coming to you.He made it to the finished ling and he won.He got the gold metal.His dad came and said you did well cuzzie.
He was happy.  



Thursday, 22 March 2018

How to draw a portrait of yourself or your friend

Hey I will be doing a portrait.Now if you do not know how to make to make a portrait then your lucky case I am going to tall you how to draw a portrait.

You will need a paper, pencil,a ruler and a raper. Get your pencil then get your paper to.Then you draw a big circle on the paper.Now you draw dotted lings across the the circle  on the paper you have and then  you do it again but on the top of the circle all the way to the bottom of the circle.

Now you can draw the eyes.Don`t do it next to the middle of the dotted ling that looks like a t or you will not be able to do the nose.Just make it like two dotted ling away fro the t ling.Now you can do the nose.You can do your friends nose if you are doing you friends your can do you own nose if you are doing it yourself.

Then:When you are done the nose you can do the mouth.Try to do your friends or your own mouth cause it can get hard when you are on the mouth.If you are done the mouth and it was hard or not then good job.Now you can do your eye brows.It is easy as a lemon.

After:When you have draw the eye brows you can start on the eye lashes on your eyes. After you are done doing you eye brows you can do your hair.Now it might be hard for the people who has not been doing hair so you can do it.

Finally:Well that toke me long to get to Finally.Now you are done drawing the hair.Was that hard.Well not for me I am the one.Was it easy for you or hard I do not know of it was hard for you or not hard for you.Now to rab out the dotted ling.The last one is the ears.The ears.IT is so easy to do.The ears.When you have done the ears you have finished the portrait.
Well I am done telling you 
how to make a portrait.
Well this my one 
that my friend
did.Here it

This is what my friend did.                                This is what I did.



Friday, 16 March 2018

What I know about the Common wealth games

K:What I know about the Common wealth games is that it is like a sports game.It is even at the Gold Coast. People like going their I think.I now know that at the Common wealth games their is a big as building over their somewhere.The Common wealth games is a game that people play and win for their team.Poeple like to go to the common wealth games to win or to be the best team mate ever.

W:What I want to know is where is the Common wealth games?
What is the Common wealth games?
Why did they make the Common wealth games?
Who made up the Common wealth games?
Why is their a Common wealth games?

Friday, 9 March 2018

Letter to my mum

Dear Mum

It was a fun time meeting you in the holidays and I wish I can come to you and Kevin.I like going to the pools at Glen field pools.

I like going to countdown and eating  all the apples in the free to eat basket.The thing is I want us to have a big food of KFC with Kevin, you , me , Ariel.Its good.

I like walking around places and play at that place.It is fun when we get to do a family movie time like Paddington or like the  Simpsons.I like the Simpsons.It is fun to watch.I like  to do that again.I hope we get to do it.

xoxo By Tyresse. W