Friday, 16 March 2018

What I know about the Common wealth games

K:What I know about the Common wealth games is that it is like a sports game.It is even at the Gold Coast. People like going their I think.I now know that at the Common wealth games their is a big as building over their somewhere.The Common wealth games is a game that people play and win for their team.Poeple like to go to the common wealth games to win or to be the best team mate ever.

W:What I want to know is where is the Common wealth games?
What is the Common wealth games?
Why did they make the Common wealth games?
Why is their a Common wealth games?

Friday, 9 March 2018

Letter to my mum

Dear Mum

It was a fun time meeting you in the holidays and I wish I can come to you and Kevin.I like going to the pools at Glen field pools.

I like going to countdown and eating  all the apples in the free to eat basket.The thing is I want us to have a big food of KFC with Kevin, you , me , Ariel.Its good.

I like walking around places and play at that place.It is fun when we get to do a family movie time like Paddington or like the  Simpsons.I like the Simpsons.It is fun to watch.I like  to do that again.I hope we get to do it.

xoxo By Tyresse. W   

Monday, 30 October 2017

The holiday

The holiday.
On the day I went to my nana's house I saw my cousin Cooper and has dad.we went to his house and went inside to meet his nana.I went into his room and played some games.When it was night time I went to go back home and have something to eat.After that Ariel and I went to bed at 7.00  because it was going to be a good day.In the morning me and Ariel went to have breakfast.After that we went to play outside and then a few minutes I went to my cousin Nora.When I went into his house Ariel went inside our nana's house.We were watching maona.When it finished Nora and me went to jump.It was so fun that we even got ice cream.I said to Nora I am going back to nana´s house and go see what she`s up to.When I saw her she was all right.Even Ariel was all right.So I went back to jump.I did not see my cousin Nora.I said where are you Nora.For a few minutes I saw him.He was playing with Cooper.I said hi cooper.

On staruday in the holiday

On Saturday for the holidays.

On Saturday Ariel and I were play outside with our cousin.When we were playing with the ball we were playing kick the ball.There were only 2 teams because there were only 4 people in the game.After a few minutes we were getting bored and then we started to play skyland.It was fun.I even liked it because of the cool thing it had.After that we had some lunch and went to the park to play.We saw another park in the big as tree.We went to it to see what it looked like.When we saw it.It looked like a pool a big sled.There were a lot of people there.So we went and had some good fun.It was so cool that I got some ice cream and some lollies.When it was 6.00 we all went back and started to have diner.After that we all went to bed and then went to go to sleep.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Mr Whisper

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Mr Whisper broke his blue cup.He went to the cup shop to get it.Do you have a blue cup?"he said in his whispery voice. Louder! I can`t hear you'' said the woman.Mr Whisper said do you have a blue cup?.Louder I still can`t hear you.Mr Whisper shouted in his voice Can I have a blue cup.I still can`t her you

Monday, 25 September 2017


work together
Learn together
Wait for the pherson
Wait for your tern
Hi I am Tyresse and I will be talking about orienteering.

Map:When people look at their map they see the numbers on it.
Even when they look on their map they can see the letter on it.

Together:A lot of work together to be the first one finished.On orienteering people need to learn it together so they can be the

Wait:When some people need to go to do the orienteering they need to wait for the pherson to come back.When the other pherson takes

a long time it don't ben it is your turn.