Friday, 11 August 2017

Why we need our tools ready

Why we need our tools ready

I am Tyresse and i am going to take about why we need our tose’s ready like pendants and like pen.

When you need your tools ready you do your spelling test.I try to get 10 out of 10 and I do get it.If you want your pendants tools go and buy some of them.It’s like the same as buying a pen.When we get our stationery we use it as a tool to if you knew that.Did you know that a dictionary can be a tool to because it can help you know more hand word’s for you.                                     



A spider has a body to make webs at the has 8 legs to walk fast from people next to them.Spiders have to bodies.They have 4 eyes.

Spiders eat birds.They also eat frogs.They like to eat  insect.

There Habitat

Some spider live in people house because they go there.They also live in gardens a lot.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Going to KFC for lunch

When it was 7.00 I woke up and no one was up. So I watched T.V. for a few minute and then I had breakfast. When I had finished my aunty woke up and same as Ariel. A few minutes later Ariel just had breakfast to eat.When it was 12.00 my aunty went to get us KFC for lunch.A few minutes later my aunty got KFC for us and that was our lunch and it was yum!!!

                                          Good by.